Every design case varies since they are always based on individual objectives and needs assesment. We start each work by getting to know the customer and finding out how we could serve them best. After the first needes assessment we give detailed cost estimates. Interior Design projects  vary in so many ways and it's quite difficult to give a fixed quote without meeting the customer and finding out  what is needed in this particular project. The prices below are rough estimates.


Interior Design 


Interior Design hourly fee is  70€ + vat 24% (86,80 inc vat).

We give a detailed quote on each project explainign what is included in the project. Design assignments exceeding this quote are invoiced based on hourly fee. Here ase some examples of pricing in design projects: 

  • Needs Assessment - always free of charge. We set up a meeting and talk about the upcoming project. Based on this meeting we give a detailed cost estimate/offer/contract explaining what is included in the project. In accepting this offer a design contract is formed.
  • On Site Consulting -  (3 hrs 250€ including vat.) Interior Design in concised form! We meet on site and discuss how the space would function better and the designer gives ideas you can implement later.
  • Space Planning:  Redoing the kitchen. We give detailed design plans with in scale 2D and 3D layout drawings, precise product listing and project management with 3 on site visit after the worksite has been launched. 1500€ (including vat 24%).
  • Complete interior design for a restaurant: 1500- 2200€ (including vat 24%). Includes 3 worksite visits. Project management invoiced with hourly fee. 
  • Bathroom, utility room, or small wc : 550€ 
  • Private home, 1-3 rooms, complete interior design: 1500-2500€
  • Material, texture planning for the complex 350€
  • Color planning or fabrics/textiles  250€

Please note you will alway get a detailed quote on each project.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is based on needs assessment.Here are a few rough estimates:

Logo design or logo refreshing: 200€-350€

Logo + business cards: 250€-400€

Website 350€-550€

Brochure/flyer: 85-300€


Artwork and Commissions

Pricing varies according to size and chosen technique. Pricelist here


Contact us

Best way to go forward is to contact us for needs assessment.  Based on this, you will get a detailed offer. Please call +358 40 7570 425 / Pia Rydman tai send a message.