Interior Designer is first and foremost solving problems in interiors. If you haven't worked with an Interior Designer before, it's easy to reduce interior design to the more obvious design elements like wallpaper, furniture, lighting.  Aestethics in interiors are of course an important part of the design, but a professional designer thinks about the space as a whole. Providing solutions to the clients' wishes and needs is in the core of a good design.


When would you need a designer?

Designer is there to provide solutions to the smaller and bigger design challenges. You may have a problem with a long and narrow corridor that would need  that "something" but you haven't figured out what it could be. A designer maps out your wishes and comes up with a design plan.  A solution can be a wider, in depth plan that changes the whole layout of the apartment, or it can be a "lighter" solution dividing the space with visual or constrcutual elements. A narrow corrider can be made seem wider or shorter through color choices,  flooring or even changing the lighting.

A designer can be a valuable asset when planning to buy a new home and you want to make sure the space will function according to your needs. A family of four will have very different requirements for a space than a senior couple.  

Layout changes may be needed in order to make a space function well in the current life situation of its habitants. A designer can also make a plan for only parts of the interior;  furniture layout, material choices for flooring and walls, color choices and lighting are all part of interior design.


A Designer usually has good contacts to different manufacturers and workmen. You can save a lot of time and resources by using a designer that finds the right products and materials for your project. 

Feenix Design offers interior design solutions to private and public spaces, large and small. 


Characteristics of a good designer

A good designer understands well what the customer needs and wants and can produce a design plan based on those.  You should always be given professional design plans and needed plans for their execution. Scaled drawings for layout or furniture design and 3D images are examples of professional design planning.  The offer and the contract should have detailed explanation of what the customer is buying and who is responsible for different parts of the project (scheduling, goods delivery etc.)


Who would be a good designer for you?

A designer that is the best fit is one you connect well with. A designer needs to understand your wishes and work based on them. If you want a subdued color scheme and Scandinavian design style, a designer can't present a plan with loud color scheme and romantic wallpapers. Your style is the one defining factor that a good designer is able to understand and deliver.  Your home has to be a place where you feel comfortable and happy for years to come.  Working with a designer is often pretty close relationship, so best to choose one that functions well from the start. 


Pia Rydman - Interior Designer

Pia Rydman is the founder and the owner of  Feenix Design.  She launched Feenix Design in 2005 first as graphic design agency and later expanded its focus also to interior design. She is also a visual artist (fine art painter) and that has put a stamp on her interior designs as well. Painting demands fine ability to separate colors which is a very helpful characteristic  in producing  color, material and lighting plans. Pia could also be seen as a "out of the box" thinker in her designs.  

Pia's favorite city is the birth place of the finest visual art - Paris. She regularly visits the city to absorb ideas and attends Design fair Maison et Objet. Many material and design ideas come from these fairs.  Read more about Pia 


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Interior Design is based on solving problems

Interior Design

Our service packages include:

Suunnittelutoimisto FEENIX Design offers professional interior design for both public and private spaces. You can choose a complete design plan or any lighter plan according to your needs.


Free of charge first visit

First visit is to understand what your needs and wishes for the upcoming project are. This briefing is free of charge. After full debriefing we send you a detailed offer of the design costs and a contract that clearly explains how the project continues and what the designer's role is.  Once the offer is accepted the project is launched.


Functional layout plan >>

Functionality is the defining characteristic of any space.  Private home has different requirements than a public space like a restaurant.  You can order layout plan for one room (like a kitchen design) or to the whole space. Feenix Design provides plans for both private and public spaces. Read more>>


Furniture and fixtures>>

Fixture and furniture plans are part of interior design. Wardrobe fixtures, kitchen cabinets or general furniture layout plans are examples of this. Read more>>


Material plan>>

Do you need help in choosing the right tiles for your bathroom? Or maybe you would need advice in choosing the colors for your bedroom? A designer has deep knowledge of different materials and their functionality in different spaces.  Surfaces like flooring, walls, ceilings and desk tops are part of a material design. Color plans, textures and textiles are also in this category. Read more>>


Lighting >>

We perceive space and colors only with light. Lighting is an important part of well functioning space. Intensity, hue and brightness vary in different spaces and must be adjusted to the people who use the space. Read more>>


Project Management and Renovations >>

The final success of any plan lies in its execution. Renovations often are full of unexpected surprises that need to be handled professionally and effeciently. Public spaces are usually tied to a tight schedule and the role of the project management is even more important. We offer project management to our design plans. You can also order the complete renovation from us. Read more >>


Graphic Design >>

Public spaces and graphic design are tied together in producing a strong visual message. Logo visibility, window graphics, menus are part of graphic design in a space. Read more >>


Art and Commissions >>

Are you looking for art on your wall but haven't found one that would fit your space? We offer commissions. See more Pia Rydman Art and how you can place an order. Read more >>



Would you like a design assistance in a more concised package? We offer a few hour onsite consultations and shopping tours to help you in choosing the right products and materials for your space. Please contact us and let's talk more! Send email or call+358 40 7570425 / Pia Rydman