Graphic design surrounds our daily lives more than we even realize. Your favorite magazine was  given its layout by a graphic designer, a beautiful wine bottle got its form only after careful design choices. Corn flakes package started on designers drawing board. Visual messages fill our lives and they are based on careful design choices, made to enhance the desired message. 


Logos, Business Cards, Brochures

Are you starting your own businesss and need a logo? Or is your outdated and you need a new look for it? Would you like to have professional business cards or a company brochure?Feenix Design offers graphic design to smaller and larger design projects. Logo design, business cards, book covers, photo shoots, invites, brochures and book/magazine layouts are samples of the different design projects we have done. We are based in Helsinki, Finland but also work remotely.


Graphic Design in an Interior Design Project

Graphic design can be included into the interior design. Exhibition stands are often focused on delivering a strong informative message, public space may need window design to pull in customers and logo visibility has to support the over all planning. Restaurant menus, different displays are both part of the interior planning as well as graphic design. 


Feenix Design offers solutions to large variety of design projects. Please contact us for needs assessment  +358 7570 425 or send a message. Let's find out how we could assist you best!

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Graphic Design