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When I look at an empty canvas in front of me, excitement fills my heart. It's time for yet another adventure. I paint images from the depths of my soul, often surprised  how things start to unfold. Successful art is something that manages to touch its viewer, to open something that otherwise is not reachable. 

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We spend a lot of time in different interiors, both in public and private spaces. These spaces affect us in many ways, enhancing or taxing our wellbeing. An interior that makes us feel good is functional, pleasant, and aesthetic. Lighting, color choices, furniture, materials and textures all strongly affect the space and how we perceive it.  Let us help you by designing an interior that works the way you want.

Graphic Design in part of our daily lives. We may not even notice how we are surrounded by it. A graphic designer has done the lay out for your favorite magazine, book cover, newspaper or a movie poster. Any ad coming in mail has been designed by a graphic designer. Do you need a new logo, business cards, a flyer, brochure of maybe a poster? You are in the right place.

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Pia Rydman Art

I paint mostly with oil paints, or acrylics. You can see my art on the Art Gallery -page.